Liking Your Work

A love letter to appreciating the perspectives of others.

Eric ZhangDecember 16, 2023

I may never be able to know whether my work will be used for good or for bad, but at least after talking to enough strangers in the city, I can be confident in believing that people are good and deserve to have their voices heard, and their stories shared.

It’s not a lot, but we do use technology to communicate and learn and create. Hopefully my work can be in service to individuals I care deeply about, and someone is able to smile and laugh as a result.

People often tell me it’s lucky I like something that can also be a career. I do feel thankful for many things, but in this case I think enjoying software work is really a matter of perspective — after all, it’s not like anyone is naturally predisposed to math, literature, community organizing, or any other pursuit more noble. Any individual can be equally drawn to computing given time and an appreciation for other people’s work, as benefactors of technology.

Because ultimately, creative undertakings can be appreciated, if only you have enough strength, love, and conviction. I admire your honest work, too!

And I hope to welcome curiosity with warmth and open arms.